February 2016

What an exciting year it has been for us developing our first range of Yateley stationery: Creating new block patterns has brought triumphs and disappointments, ooh-ing and aaah-ing over colours and all too frequently gasps when things haven’t turned out quite how we expected - in either a good or bad way! That’s truly the nature of block printing.   We have had such an experience collaborating together and seeking inspiration. The two of us have learnt so much in the process.  We have propped each other up  when things have got nerve wracking and shared in moments of hysterical laughter and excited shrieks when things have gone right.  Emails have gone on late into the night as sudden new ideas, or moments of  inspired research  have felt so important they must be shared right at that very moment!   Our husbands and children must wonder if we ever talk about anything other than stationery!  To us the answer is no, its our passion, we LOVE stationery! 

Sourcing the right people to make our products has been no easy challenge. Our commitment to producing our range solely within the British shores is steadfast and we are proud to support British manufacturing.  We’ve learnt to stick to our guns and to be uncompromising in our quest to make boxes and files that are of the highest quality. We not only wanted our things to look good and to fit in beautifully with your home office environment,  but also for them to be a pleasure to use whatever their purpose. 'Feel' has been a dominant word in our vocabulary this last year! 

We’ve chosen the size of our boxes with their function in mind - the square and slimline boxes beautifully fit our gift and correspondence cards side by side and in doing so they make a wonderful stationery package that you can refill with more of our card designs and your own collection. They are also sit beautifully on a coffee table amongst books and glossy mags as a store for remote controls,reading glasses, all the 'clutter'.  Our large box file is deeper than average, a generous size that will hold generous quantities of papers or photographs. We can even make them without the spring clip if you want to keep hankies/jewellery/belts in them. See we really do think about all possibilities!   We have more products in the pipeline that are still in the throes of development, so watch this space. If there is anything you’d really like to see please do get in contact with us! We are always open to new ideas. 

Our first fair is in March at the lovely Country Brocante Spring Fair at Cowdray Capron House in Midhurst, Surrey on the 12th March. It is a wonderful fair, full of beautiful things. You'll not be disapopinted.  We are really excited to show our products there and to meet our customers.  Do come and see us!  


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