celebrating colour and pattern

celebrating colour and pattern

Yateley Papers was born out of a shared passion for both traditional block printing techniques and a love of utterly gorgeous home and desk accessories.

We produce stylish handmade desk stationery and home accessories all covered in our own bespoke designs inspired by our extensive experience of block printing. All our products are made and hand prepared exclusively in Great Britain.

We use highly skilled teams who understand our need for the very best quality and attention to detail. This ensures we provide our customers with luxurious and desirable creations. Our collections are made using a careful balance of traditional techniques and modern technologies. Our exclusive designs are timeless and classic, celebrating the union of colour and pattern. 



How we created Kite


We have launched our new  design 'Kite' and flying with it . Available in four uplifting colour-ways, Kite's geometric diamond design is wonderfully versatile. It looks fresh and on point in both contemporary and classic homes. We hope you like.

It's simple, it's elegant, it's perfect.