We Are Yateley Papers

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Trudi Savin


For the past 10 years Trudi has run the studio at Tobias and The Angel in Lingfield, Surrey. Introduced to Angel through a ‘friend of a friend’ a close working relationship soon blossomed. Trudi’s love of hand block printing had been inspired. This yearning to explore this fascinating medium meant that a life surrounded by pattern and design had begun. As did the demand for bespoke hand block printed textiles from renowned design experts - their appetite grew in momentum.  The rest is history.

Sophie Morton


Sophie is a self confessed stationery addict.  She met Trudi whilst working at Tobias And The Angel. She knew the instant she met Trudi that she had met someone with an equal passion for block printing and who liked to stroke the new pages of a notebook as much as she does!  Sophie's enthusiasm for talking pattern and colour owes much to the many years spent working in the shop and at the printing studio with Angel. It inspired her to really want to create her own signature range of patterns.